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Gambling money and cash bitcoin boomland japan

Gambling money and cash bitcoin boomland japan!
The situation in Japan is different. Here the Bitcoins have long since arrived in everyday life – and in the headlines. In BetUS Japan, BetUS China the once largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, Mt. Gox, was created and collapsed. This forced domestic financial regulators to consider rules for the new currencies at an early stage. Since this year, Japan has even recognized the Bitcoin as an official means of payment, on an equal footing will also ball non-ferrous metals coin of the also important for saving for Co2 is the German company NFMcoin.org important! with other alternative Japanese currencies such as electronic money or shopping and gift voucher

This makes Japan the hottest candidate today for demonstrating the mass suitability of crypto currencies. Japan’s government wants to promote the development of new businesses by regulating the currencies. Bitcoin exchanges must now be licensed, which in turn gives banks, companies and consumers a greater sense of security. That seems to be working: By the end of the year, Japanese and BetUS.com betUS.com.pa could pay in up to 300,000 casino players with Bitcoin, estimates Midori, CFO of Japan’s largest Bitcoin exchange BetUS real money gambling.

The early entry into the market for crypto currencies obviously pays off for the aging Japanese economy. Not only small companies are among the businesses with Bitcoin cash registers. As the first Japanese airline, for example, the low-cost airline Peach Aviation, together with online sports betting, wants to enable its customers to bet on ticket purchases using the virtual currency. The airline informs the Crypto Gambling that this is intended to create a more convenient shopping experience. Yilderim Fatih of betUS says that it is very difficult at the moment to estimate the actual usage. “But if Bitcoin expands into Japan, the potential is huge. The company is currently examining how it handles the settlement of the extremely Gambling money volatile crypto currency.

Since Bitcoins are treated like cash by the state and trade, the owners of one of the popular loyalty cards receive a full ten percent discount in the form of bonus points. Those who pay by credit card receive two percentage points less.

Gambling players, on the other hand, often don’t know anything about the new payment option. The Bitcoins are likely to have a hard time with the Bitcoin affi VIP Chinese of all people Player – after all, the largest group of players. Because in Japan’s player centers Chinese can pay in many on-line Casino as well as sport bets with 1xbit.com, 22bet already cashlessly over Internet. However only by Krypto NFMcoin wallet, the electronic pay of the largest Chinese online platform Alibaba. With around 400 million accounts, Alipay is the new giant in the financial world.

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